Open Governance
New Measures for Student Management

  From now on, every new first-grade and seventh-grade student of compulsory education in  Chengdu will have a record set up for them by the school when register. The record has two versions, namely electronic record and paper record. After completing class hours for compulsory education and taking graduation exam, students will obtain Chengdu City Nine Year Compulsory Education Certificate. Recently, Chengdu Bureau of Education issued Chengdu City Compulsory Education Student Management Measures (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) and the measures will come into effect from Feb 1.

  The Measures state specific rules regarding student enrollment, transfer, suspension, reentry, reward, punishment, attendance, upgrade, skipping a grade, repeating a grade, evaluation, graduation, and so on. From now on, new first-grade and seventh-grade students should follow the principle of “enrolling neighborhood schools” and go to schools according to the arrangement of education bureaus of each district (city and county). Relevant registration forms should be filled in as well. After registration, school will set up a record for each student. It is learned that electronic management of compulsory education students will be adopted and this electronic information will be important foundation for various statistics, such as graduation and evaluation.

  The Measures point out that at compulsory education stage, any school can not reject students within its service area or students arranged by education administrative department including those exempted from prosecution and criminal punishment by judicial authorizes or released from rehabilitation or any other qualified students, as long as the school has vacancy. Students cannot withdraw from school and the school should not expel students or discourage or force students to transfer. In principle, transfer is not permitted in the second semester of sixth and ninth grade in public primary and secondary schools. Primary schools should not recruit return students who have completed primary compulsory education. Likewise, secondary schools should not recruit return students who have completed nine-year compulsory education.

  Evaluation of students at compulsory education stage will cover two aspects, namely comprehensive qualities and academic learning. As for academic learning examination, only final exam is allowed in primary schools and mid-term exam and final exam in secondary schools. After completing class hours for compulsory education and being approved to take graduation exam, ninth-grade students will obtain Chengdu City Nine Year Compulsory Education Certificate issued by Chengdu Bureau of Education. 

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