Open Governance
Guide --- Pre-Examination of schools for foreign children

  Item:Pre-Examination of Schools for Foreign Children

  Nature of approval:administrative licensing

  Time limit of approval:commitment item

  Legal time limit:20 working days

  Affirmatory time limit:13 working days

  Time limits of professional reviewers’ on-site verification, etc.:90 working days

  Approval form:reporting to the higher level

  Whether entered into the government affairs center or not:Yes


  Materials to be submitted:

  (一)application form for running a school;

  (二)school constitutions;

  (三)credentials of the applicant;

  (四)the list of the principle and members of the Board, and documents verifying their qualifications.

  (五)facilities, funding, premises, site and sources of funds of the proposed school and related documents;

  (六)sources of teachers

  Conditions for approval:

  (一) appropriate scale of students and needs for the school;

  (二)teaching faculty that meets the needs of education and teaching;

   (三)the necessary site, facilities and other conditions for offering education;

  (四)necessary funds for the school and stable source of funding.

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