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College Admission Preferential Policies Changed

  Sichuan’s preferential policies regarding 2014 college admission have been adjusted.

  On Dec 3, reporters learned from Sichuan Educational Examination Authority that there are some adjustments of the preferential policies regarding 2014 college admission. The main change is reduced awarded-mark items with less adding points. Awarded marks for provincial “three good” students, provincial excellent student leaders and students excellent in art are abolished. Sports items are reduced from 27 items to 8.

  Start from 2014, ex-servicemen, disabled soldiers, disabled people’s police, as well as children of people’s police died on duty, level one to four disabled people’s police and persons died or disabled for a just cause will be admitted first compared to other students with equal conditions. 

  According to new regulations, first prize winners of national Olympic competition finals (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics), organized by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), will get 10 awarded marks. The second and third prize winners will get 5 awarded marks. Moreover, the first and second prize winners of China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest (including biological and environmental science practical activities) organized by CAST and the Ministry of Education; “Future Scientists” Awards; and middle and primary schools computer art competition will get 10 awarded marks. Prize winners of International Science and Engineering Fair and International Environmental Science Projects Olympics will get 10 awarded marks. Compared to current policies, there are higher standards for obtaining awarded marks, and the marks are lowered.

  At present, provincial “three good” students and excellent student leaders awarded by Sichuan Provincial Department of Education can get 10 awarded marks, and provincial excellent students can get 20. While, from 2014, provincial “three good” students and excellent student leaders will no longer enjoy this policy and awarded marks for provincial excellent students will be lowered to 10. At the same time, students excellent in art won’t get awarded marks. As to sports items, the number is reduced from 27 to 8 and the marks from 20 to 10.

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