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Sichuan's New Overseas Promotional Video Highlighting Sanxingdui-Jiuzhaigou-Giant Panda

  Super-cute black-and-white furballs, secluded, tree-covered Mount Qingcheng, fresh, mouth-watering Mapo Tofu... All these scenes brimming with Sichuan characteristics come from Sichuan's new promotional video in both Japanese and Russian to help foreign tourists learn more about Sichuan's culture and tourism. According to Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, this new promotional video will be beamed worldwide through diverse channels such as overseas media platforms, Chinese culture centers and travel agencies, and the "Tour Sichuan Online" feature event will be curated to introduce foreign tourists and travel agencies to the unique charm of Sichuan's culture and nature. These efforts will lay a solid foundation for a recovery of Sichuan's tourism market after the epidemic.

  To deal with a flagging overseas tourist market due to COVID-19, further promote Sichuan's cultural tourism resources and brands and expand tourism markets in Russian-speaking countries along the Belt and Road and in Japan, the department has launched this promotional video in both Russian and Japanese themed "slow-paced lifestyle", "Sanxingdui-Jiuzhaigou-Giant Panda" and "UNESCO world heritage site". Notably, with a view to the focal points for Russian-speaking tourists along the Belt and Road on traveling to Sichuan, the Russian version highlights both typical Sichuan landscape like rustic charm, ethnic diversity and bright sunshine and quintessential elements to Sichuan life and culture like Sichuan food and teahouses, thereby presenting a lively Sichuan from every side. Unlike Russian version, the Japanese version focuses on the culture of Three Kingdoms, rustic charm and ethnic diversity that are popular among Japanese tourism market, uses a combination of novel perspective, vivid scene, joyful tone and local music and gives a full display of Sichuan's unique charm.

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