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Sichuan's Gas Production Hits a Record High

  According to the teleconference of the industry and information technology system on production factor guarantee held by Sichuan Provincial Economic and information Department on March 20, the three major natural gas producers in Sichuan has been operating at full stream during the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining the trend of rapid production increase since 2019, and Sichuan's gas production has hit a record high. In the first two months of this year, Sichuan's natural gas output reached 7.74 billion cubic meters, up 11.6% year on year. PetroChina and Sinopec have supplied 3.76 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Sichuan, up 0.3% year on year.

  Unlike natural gas, the supplies of coal, electricity, petroleum and transportation have decreased in varying degrees. In the first two months, Sichuan's electric energy production reached 47.9 billion kilowatt-hours, down 7.7% year on year; Sichuan's electricity consumption was 41 billion kilowatt-hours, down 2.6% year on year. Sichuan's main-grid thermal power enterprises received 2.63 million tons of coal, down 10.8% year on year; these enterprises consumed 3.36 million tons of coal, down 0.4% year on year; the inventory of electricity-coal was 2.31 million ton at the end of February, down 8.4% year on year. The sales volume of refined oil products in Sichuan was 1.75 million tons, down 22.2% year on year, including 1.02 million tons of gasoline, down 20.2% year on year, and 730,000 tons of diesel, down 24.7% year on year. The railway freight shipment was 8.6 million tons, down 1.5% year on year; the freight arrival volume was 18.65 million tons, up 1.49% year on year; the passenger volume was 16.29 million, down 43.5% year on year.

  According to the deputy director-general of Sichuan Provincial Economic and information Department Liu Shaomin, although the epidemic has caused adverse impact to the supplies of coal, electricity, petroleum and transportation, relevant enterprises made every effort to maintain stable operation during the outbreak, ensuring the full supply, efficient operation and strong guarantee of production and living factors such as coal, electricity, petroleum, gas and transportation during the period of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.

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